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PCF8574A 8 bit I/O Expander – Zx Lee ... All LED turned on based on the inputs on DIP switches

Dip Switch Wiring Schematic - TYPICAL WIRING DIAGRAMS: MODE DIP SWITCH SETTINGS: DIMENSIONS: * dimensions are approximate and may change without notice MODE DIP SWITCHES in Direct or Reverse Acting mode. Custom pressure ranges can be adjusted in the field with qualified pressure gauge and the appropriate DIP. Hardware Installation Guide revision 1 — 7 34. Installation .210. wiring diagrams rvs +t° dip switch settings 123 quiet shft on off (default) rvsr auxr dr of1 of2 cy ow2r logic y t1 logic t2 60 120 90 30 speed up r c c dft o pnk pnk orn orn brn/yel hk32ea003 ctd rvsr auxr note 331526-101 rev. c yel/blu connection diagram.

SPST Schematic Symbol SPDT Schematic Symbol DPDT Schematic Symbol SPDT A Single Pole Double Throw toggle switch connects a common terminal to one or the SPST, SPDT, and DPDT Switches Demystified A Single Pole Single Throw toggle switch connects or disconnects one terminal either to or from another. It is the simplest. produced as selected on the 5- way DIP switch. • Type 2: Connect the live and Neutral supply wires to the terminals as detailed in the wiring diagram. The unit will be the wiring diagram. • 2-wire system (Dual stage, reverse polarity): Connect the positive and negative supply wires to the. below in Figure 2 and set dip switch 6 to the “ON” position. When using this module with a Honeywell FBII Security Dimensions control panel, it is necessary to cut the two wire.

For the vehicles listed above use the Green wire on the SWC-01 and set the CAR DIP Switch settings as fol- lows: Dip 1 Dip 2 Dip 3 Dip 4 Dip 5 Dip 6 Dip 7 Dip 8. Dip switch setting = binary of decimal equivalent. Decimal equivalent = number of flywheel teeth - 49. NOTE: Dip switches D1 to D8 will be used for setting calibration.. ii Remote Booster Power Supply Technical Reference Manual Wire routing 21 Remote Booster Power Supply Technical Reference Manual iii Important information provides the installation procedures, wiring diagrams, DIP switch settings, etc..

clearance for wiring, servicing, removal, connection of the BACnet MS/TP Molex connector and access to the MS/TP MAC address DIP switches (see Fig. 15 on page 15).. GFE-AD SERIES, Addressable Photoelectric Smoke, ROR & Fixed Temperature Heat Detector and Combined Smoke + Heat Detector Installation Wiring Diagram I TYPICAL WIRING DIAGRAM When installed, terminals 4 and 6 are for connection of remote LED Set the desired address via DIP switch on the back of the detector,. MULTI POSITION 2-- STAGE GAS FURNACES Part Number 440 08 2002 02 *9MPT & *9MPV fiA1 & A2fl Manufactured by: This manual supports condensing gas furnaces manufactured in 2001.

Jul 17, 2018  · Electrical Symbols Electrical symbols are used to represent various electrical and electronic devices in a schematic diagram of an electrical or electronic circuit.. see wiring diagrams). 3.Set the DIP Switch according to the diagram below. NEMA 3R Enclosure Bracket Mount with Dimensions. 2 APPLICATION The GM40 Multi-Volt Series Time Controls are universal, electromechanical time switches which can be field config-ured for various power supply voltages. The voltage options.

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