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Captive Aire Exhaust Hood Wiring Diagram - Captive-Aire Parts & Manuals - Based in North Carolina, CaptiveAire began in a one-room facility in 1976. Today, CaptiveAire is a leader in commercial kitchen ventilation. CaptiveAire's product line includes exhaust. Jul 27, 2017  · If it is a Captive Aire Hood or Greenheck Hood, there may be an auxillary electrical panel included with the hood. Ask the hood installer. Is there an electric gas valve? The suppression tech will also have the wiring diagram. When the exhaust fan is turned on, the make-up air is to turn on. All heat producing appliances under the hood need. 15889 COMMERCIAL KITCHEN HOODS ***** SPECIFIER: CSI MasterFormat 2004 number: 23 07 16 This section is intended for use in hood replacement projects involving the non-wash down Wiring Diagrams: Power, signal, and control wiring. C. Hood Configuration: Exhaust and makeup air. 1. Makeup air shall be introduced through supply-air registers.

CORE Supervised Loop Wire for Off Hood Connections CORE (OFF Hood) Supervised Loop And Pull Station Wiring - Priced Per Foot $0.35 Flame And Spark Rod Wire -. To turn on the hood exhaust fan, make-up air fan and electrical circuits for appliances under the hood, turn on the fan switch. SECTION 16799 – KITCHEN HOOD FIRE CONTROL PANEL 16799 Page 4 of 4 9/17/2010 A. Contractor to install panel and interconnect wiring with range hood, makeup air unit, underhood lights and power, range hood. installation wiring diagram provided (by certified electrician). before installing any hood system or exhaust ductwork. Wiring and Start-Up 11 Wiring A licensed electrician familiar with commercial kitchen hood installation should perform wiring. Complete all wiring required to controls, lights, fans, etc. When a master control panel is.

AM-2 Control Panel The AM-2 Panel provides plumbing and electrical controls for Self Cleaning hoods when the design of the application does not allow for a utility cabinet on the end of the hood. The plumbing assembly includes a combination pressure/temperature gauge, shock absorber, pressure reducing valve, water solenoid valve,. Jun 09, 2011  · I think Captive Aire and Greenheck post the sensor wiring on thier websites. All the suppression sytem mfgs list the system to control a fire w/the exhaust fan on or off. Leaving the exhaust fan on is best and the make-up fan must shut off..

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